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It appears that there is a lot of help out there for women when re-aligning with themselves but for men the options are limited to either a general spa and taking pot luck with the treatments on offer, or a retreat that edges on too much of the  ‘woo woo ’ and very little in between.  There is the added factor that men are not the greatest at asking for help and often health and wellbeing remains low on the agenda until their bodies scream at them.  There are obviously some that find their balance with ease but for the majority of us it is a constant juggling act and one that needs us to be constantly conscious of change and evolving.  

There is for us all, a growing demand to take responsibility for our own health and wellbeing, and with this in mind we have created a series of workshops and ongoing programmes targeted specially at men which will help them find the balance between the hunter gatherer, the ability to sleep at night, and enough head space to look forward to the next 20 years of their lives.

In addition to teaching them that their body is wiser than they think and if they listen well they can indeed carry on exercising until their 90’s ( should they so wish) and/or keep up the demanding social life they so enjoy. As well as being able to switch off and become part of the family unit more easily.

We believe that men need to start living not just surviving because their children are watching rather than listening and it is only by leading by example that we will create future generations that know who they are and what keeps them grounded and what makes them feel alive. 

We feel confident that we have many of the clues to the answers, and we certainly have the people that can help you find the answers for yourself. Sometimes it will be uncomfortable but it will always be worth it and we know men want to learn more about how to live life to the full in a way that works for them as well as watching their wives and partners thrive in this game called life. 

Our programmes have the same thread through all of them but we feel it is important to honor that we all work differently so we do have a site specifically for men too :  The Blueprint Club.


The Blueprint Club offers a safe place to build all the elements that lead to a stronger, healthier and more productive life. Please do contact us to find out more 


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About The Blueprint Club

We believe you can have it all and stay healthy providing you are willing to face fear head-on, be truly honest with yourself and be brave enough to strive for your dreams. Nothing in life is free but there is an awful lot more out there that can be gained with ease and without a fight and we want to help more people live well for longer.

We want men to stay at the top of their game, have peace and enjoy life! After all, our children follow our examples and we want to create a future of children who admire and aspire to be like their Dads for all the right reasons.

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