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We work closely with our clients to help determine how best they can achieve their re-alignment with them. Sometimes it is a question of putting them in touch with one of our coaches, sometimes its just needing an opportunity to hear themselves think for a while, but often it is a longer term relationship. Sometimes change is instant because its triggered by some kind of trauma ...but often real change takes time for us to process and implement and that is why we also offer The LoveurSoul Agency Membership.

Our membership is for both the men and women that we work with and it allows you to get the benefit of allowing your change to be at your pace over the period of a year, as well as having the ability to connect with our other members. For some membership allows both the re-connection with themselves as well as new healthier relationships with others and for some it just allows them to practice being the new them in an environment that is supportive and accepting. True match making always begins with the self:

Ongoing support includes the following benefits:

    • A full one day coaching session with us in the Sussex Countryside getting clear on your current belief system and what changes need to make.... as well as a 1hr massage, a one on one Metabolic Effect or Yoga session and nutritional food for the day. You will also get plenty of fresh air and exercise throughout the day 
    • A 3 day detox programme to help your gut, brain connection get back in alignment 
    • A 3 month programme which will help you re-align your central nervous system naturally and ensure you sleep well and wake up rested. It's a bit like 'reiki' in a box 
    • A one-hour Skype or person to person session with one of our team every week for the first six weeks and once a month after that for six months and twice in the second six months
    • A bi-monthly well-being box with products and services that will keep you on track tailored to you
    • Ability to tap-in to our coaches throughout the year – and attend our exclusive one-day retreats and seminars and jump ques 
    • Access to an online body works programme which helps you remain connected to your mind and body in the comfort of your own home
    • Connection with our other members who are going through a similar transition and want to connect with others creating the life they never need to escape from again
    • Access to our in-house stylist team at a time when you are ready for an 'external ' make-over to catch up with the new inner you  ( our team consists of beauty therapists, colour therapists and clothes stylists)


Once you have met with us once, you can become a member at any time without having another 'consultation' and if you get a friend to join we will organise a free massage for you in a location to suit you. 

Members also gain discount to some of the best 'online' courses there are from some of the most popular coaches around the world.

Please do get in touch!

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