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We work closely with our clients to help determine how best they can achieve their re-alignment with them. Sometimes it is a question of putting them in touch with one of our coaches, sometimes its just needing an opportunity to hear themselves think for a while, but often it is a longer term relationship. Sometimes change is instant because its triggered by some kind of trauma ...but often real change takes time for us to process and implement and that is why we also offer The LoveurSoul Agency Membership.

Our membership is for both the men and women that we work with and it allows you to get the benefit of allowing your change to be at your pace over the period of a year, as well as having the ability to connect with our other members. For some membership allows both the re-connection with themselves as well as new healthier relationships with others and for some it just allows them to practice being the new them in an environment that is supportive and accepting. True match making always begins with the self: 

Membership includes

  • A half day (0830 - 1300 ) one to one coaching session in the Sussex countryside which also includes exercise in the fresh air and then a 1hr massage to finish the session off.. you will finish about 1400
  • A consultation with our in house nutrition expert with a 3 day detox programme for you to take away with you 
  • 40 minute Skype or person to person session with one of our team every six weeks for the first six months and twice in the second six months
  • A Monthly task that that helps you re-define a belief system that reflects the person you are today and allows you to create a perception of life that serves your future self well. 
  • A programme to help you really reconnect with you .... Sometimes we have made the shifts intellectually but our body is still holding onto the memory in some way or sometimes we just need help processing our lives so we can allow it to work for us not to us. The goal re-align you with you on every level. Our programme will allow you do this naturally and we have one for stress, one for optimizing our fitness and one for releasing trauma. By the end of three months you will notice the difference. 
  • A quarterly well-being box with products and services that will keep you on track tailored to you. The first box will have a three month membership to a body works programme that you can do in the comfort of your own home
  • Access to our social media group which has regular input from us and connects you with our other members. We learn from each other as much as we do the 'experts' and support and accountability often comes best from those going through a similar shift as you. New friendships are always created and its a perfect group to gain a balanced male and female perspective on life from people operating from a similar place as you. 
  • Ability to tap-in to our coaches easily and without their normal waiting lists – and attend our exclusive one-day retreats and seminars
  • Access to our in-house stylist team at a time when you are ready for an 'external ' make-over to catch up with the new inner you  ( our team consists of beauty therapists, colour therapists and clothes stylists) 

Once you have met with us once, you can become a member at any time without having another 'consultation' and if you get a friend to join we will organise a free massage for you in a location to suit you. 

Standard Membership for one year is £1500.00 but if you work with one of our coaches on a one to one basis after the initial meeting within 1 month membership is £750.00 and you will gain immediate access to all of our other members

Members also gain discount to some of the best 'online' courses there are from some of the most popular coaches around the world.

Please do get in touch!

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