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We work closely with our clients to help determine how best they can achieve their life transformation. Sometimes it is a question of putting them in touch with one of coaches, but often it is a longer term relationship. That is why we also offer The LoveurSoul Agency Membership, which allows you to get the benefit of allowing your change to be at your pace over the period of a year and the ability to connect with our other members:  Membership includes the following benefits:

  • A one-hour Skype or person to person session with one of our team every six weeks for the first six months and twice in the second six months
  • A 16 week on line programme created by one of our coaches .... Done with self-help books and yet not quite ready for private mentorship. Our home-study programme's are a breath of fresh air, offering expert guidance, powerful exercises and a tool-kit to support ongoing change.  16 weekly audio lectures, meditations, music, affirmations and workbook offer you deep insight, perhaps for the first time, into the truth of who you are and how you can add value to your life and the lives of those most precious to you.
  • A bi-monthly well-being box with products and services that will keep you on track tailored to you 
  • Access to our social media support group which has regular input from our coaches around the world and connection to our other members
  • Ability to tap-in to our coaches throughout the year – and attend our exclusive one-day retreats and seminars
  • Access to a monthly online integrative therapy session to help you release whatever it is you need to release each month
  • Access to our in-house stylist team at a time when you are ready for an 'external ' make-over to catch up with the new inner you  ( our team consists of beauty therapists, colour therapists and clothes stylists) 


If after our initial meeting you select a coach to work with within six weeks and you also want membership, you will get your first year's membership at 50%. And if you become a member within one month of your appointment we will give you 25 % discount.

Once you are on our books, you can become a member at any time without having another 'consultation' and if you get a friend to join we will organise a free massage for you.  

If following your initial appointment you decide to become a member within two weeks membership will be £750.00 for the year.  

Standard Membership for one year is £950.00

Members also gain access to an application which will help you create 'Your Best Year Ever'  which is an online management system that keeps you on track all year. 

Please do get in touch!

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