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To match you with the right people to bring change and transformation into your world, we first need to get to know you and understand more about where you are now and where you would like to be. Once we know that, we can then work out how out of alignment you really are and who can help you reclaim that balance.

It could be that you simply want change but don’t know what that looks like, that you have lost sight of yourself, or that you have had trauma in your life and now it is time to redefine what 'success' in your life means to you now.

Judgement is something that is often our biggest sticking block and the worst kind is our judgement of ourselves. Are we a good mother/wife/lover/friend .... the list is endless and yet the gift in a life well lived is actually learning to be kind to ourselves and knowing we are always doing the best we can with the information we have now, and that when we know different we can choose to do things differently. It's not about working harder in order to be enough. 

The key is in learning to allow yourself to voice the fears, acknowledge them and trust that when things become difficult, you can find the tools and the people to help you move forward not to distract yourself and hope they go away because they don't.... your mind and body always keep the score. 

We aim to help you align your mind, body and soul so you can always feel heard and valued and you allow yourself to live your life on your own terms.  These four things are key to it all : 

1. Thoughts

 A thought is a connecting and sharing of information in the brain. 7×4=28 is a thought. The world is round is a thought. I am 50 years old is a thought.

Thoughts are neutral. They produce a small electrical charge in the brain, but this is of no great significance energetically or vibrationally in itself.

2. Feelings

 A feeling is our authentic self speaking our truth to us. A feeling is an inner knowing, and its voice is usually fairly quiet. We discover what we feel in times of quiet reflection or meditation, or in deep conversation with a friend or someone we trust. Sadness is a feeling. Joy is a feeling. Shame is a feeling.

3. Emotions

 An emotion is our bodily response to a thought or a perceived situation. Emotions are the big guys, the tangible reactions we feel in our body in response to a thought, a feeling or a belief. Emotions are physical and emotions emit an immense vibrational charge. They are our limbic system letting us know how we’re reacting to our thoughts, feelings or beliefs. These are what we need to become aware of and manage differently in terms of allowing what we do want in our worlds. 

4. Beliefs

 A belief is the way we perceive the world, the filter through which we see everything. A belief is based upon everything we’ve known up until this point, and it can be conscious—something of which we’re aware; or it can be unconscious—something which is influencing us to behave and react in certain ways without our knowing it.

When we are in alignment with ourselves everything falls into place naturally and you instinctively find the right people and the right situations to really thrive this game called life. And the biggest bonus is that you start leading by example for all those around you. 

We have the therapists, coaches and tools that can ensure you gain freedom through responsibility and we want to help you create a belief system that allows you to really live well for longer and live the life you dream of. 

Our initial consultation is for 90 minutes in a venue which suits you, organised by us. ( It can be done virtually too) 

During this time we will identify your key objectives and discuss what your needs and wants are moving forward. We will also help you understand how out of alignment with yourself you really are as opposed to what you think you are and what you current belief system is built upon.With this information we can then create a plan for moving forward.

Following our consultation we will provide a full report outlining recommendations of who you need to connect with as well as a complimentary well-being gift box that will assist you with embarking on your own personal transformation instantly. The Box will include things that we discuss during the session that will help you with your work on you so you can stay well for longer. 

Initial Consultation is £150.00





Please do get in touch!

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Why a Coach?

Working with a coach is best when you are ready to take your life onto the next level and are willing to take responsibility for the changes required to do this. Our coaches work with the mind, body connection and sometimes the two things happen together and sometimes one layer has to be unraveled before the other is possible. There are no rule books and each client solution will be different as we are all unique and so are our lives. That is why making sure you are working with the right person at the right time is so vital to achieving an outcome you are both proud of and delighted with.

All of our coaches work with functional medicine and will make sure you are supported with the right integrative therapists whilst you unravel each layer of your onion. Some of our coaches are from the fitness side and some are from the transformation side and together we will decide who is the best fit for you. 

It is worth noting that in order for you to really take this on you must be willing to explore your current belief system and why you have it, be open to change and to then be willing to align your thoughts (head) with your feelings (heart) with your emotions (gut) and allow your soul to align them with each other. Only then can you truly allow your world to open fully. 

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Why a Therapist?

Before true change can be achieved it can sometimes be necessary to peel away any limiting layers that have been built over the years. Often we manifest physical symptoms as a result of belief systems we have learnt about ourselves. Therapists can often be best placed to help here. We will help you understand more about the therapies available and choose a therapist that you will feel comfortable with, who will also work at a speed that suits you. Change has no time limit and growth is sometimes uncomfortable. This can affect your mind, body and soul, so we want to make sure you are heard, supported and valued all the way through your journey.

Our therapists will also ensure that you get a correct diagnosis, order routine and specialised lab work when necessary (like food sensitivity panels or salivary adrenal panels), and thoroughly understand you and how your body works (because one size doesn't fit all).

We all work with functional medicine which is all about learning to respect and listen to our bodies. All our therapists are clear in the need to combine traditional with functional medicine and have a deep desire to teach you how to listen to your body and trust your instinct when reaching out for help and guidance.

Please visit our About Us page to learn about our Therapists.

Supporting your Journey

Finding someone with whom you can have regular contact, who takes the time to really get to know you but is not too close, makes sure you take responsibility for your changes but that is also excited to partner with you to achieve your goals, is vital to your ability to accept, understand, change, grow and thrive.

It is not easy to do all this and be kind to ourselves - and yet being kind to ourselves is actually the gift in all of this. Self- Alignemtn is about self-acceptance and kindness to who we are as a human being. Our goal is simple: to teach you to learn to listen to your own inner wisdom and gain freedom through responsibility but this often takes time, patience and whole lot of trial and error. We want to take some of the risk out of it all and replace it with confidence, determination and commitment. 

That's why we are here. We believe there is something powerful about having someone who will encourage you through the baby steps, milestones and off-days ( we are human and not supposed to be perfect) and who will also flag when adjustments need to be made to either to the programme or the tools you are using and make sure that you constantly evolve and grow. 

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