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We live in a culture that encourages us to 'Keep Calm and Carry On' no matter what. A mantra that was vital during the war but one that is not serving our wellbeing any longer and its time for change. Diet and Exercise are vital parts of wellbeing but should be common sense. Honesty and Integrity with ourselves however is vital if we are to stay well for longer and our culture needs to shift to one of living shamelessly wholehearted in order to do so. 

We do believe however you can have it all ( whatever that looks like to you ), and stay healthy in mind, body and soul and we believe the 'rule books' have changed in how you can achieve this. Life does not have to be hard work and you can allow life to work for you not to you providing you live from a place of trust not fear.

We are a dating agency with a difference ... we match you with you ! and if we can then match you with others on your wave length then that's awesome too. We don't have 'therapy rooms' because we think that approach needs changing too, we do however want you to become the best version of you so you can live well for longer and if you have children also trust that they will thrive not just survive this game called life. To do this, we need to lead by example, and to do that, we often need a helping hand, and that is where we come in. 

Part of our job is to clarify your underlying needs and when we have done this, help you to decide which type of approach is right for you. Once we have done this we will connect you with the right people to help you implement the changes you need to make in your life now so you can get on with living it and meet the right people for you. 

Based in Sussex but with coaches and clients all over the world, we work with those wishing to live life well and to trust they are teaching future generations to do the same. 

Are you ready to create a life you never need to escape from again ? and stay well in mind, body and soul naturally ....



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