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Recconecting you with you so you can live well for longer

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If you think you are 'broken' or life is unfair we are not for you. If however you know life is in colour not black and white and you need help with changing perceptions so you can live well ...then we may well be the right place for you. 

A unique dating agency that reconnects you with you so that you can live life to the full naturally. We teach you to replace all the things in your life that were 'hard work' with a life based upon trust and synchronicity and we help you stay well for longer.

We don't have 'therapy rooms' and we don't provide 'counselling' ...we do however ensure you come out of your mind and into your body and teach you how to both be resilient and remain open hearted enough to play this game called life....well.  

We also believe you can have your cake and eat it  ( whatever that looks like to you ), and stay healthy in mind, body and soul.... and we believe the 'rule books' have changed in how you can achieve this.  

Part of our job is to clarify your underlying needs and when we have done this, help you to decide which type of approach is right for you. so you can simply get on with living your life well on every level. 

Based in Sussex but with access to coaches all over the world, we work with those wishing to live life well and have relationships with others that are based upon trust and loyalty. 

Are you ready to create a life you never need to escape from again ? 




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