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We have worked with a lot of coaches over the years, the ones we match clients with stand out.  Some work with your body and your mind others work with your belief system but most of them combine them all together. The common thread however is they allow you to create lasting change in your life so you can enable a life you never need to escape from again. Our first job however is to learn more about you and what you need or want. Only then can we really match you with the right person. We don't list everyone here and the ones that work with the agency tend to only work in person not have online courses because we are all about personal service. You can however find a list of ones we do recommend on our sister site www.loveursoul.com

Just to give you an idea however, here are a couple coaches we know well and exceptional at what they do. please note we sometimes rotate our coaches on this page. 

Please do get in touch!

Stella Stathi

Eating Psychology, Eating Disorders & Body-Image Specialist


Stella Stathi is an Eating Psychology, Eating Disorders & Body-Image Specialist, working with high-achieving, heart-centered women, who desire to break free from their battle with Food, Weight and their Bodies, for good.

A qualified, experienced Jungian/Somatic Psychotherapist and Coach, Feminine Embodiment Teacher and Energy Healer, Stella is passionate about helping her clients discover and heal the real, inner, mental, emotional and spiritual root-causes of their difficulties, so that they can finally enjoy lasting peace and total freedom around Food, and feel fully comfortable and radiantly confident in their Bodies and themselves -from the inside out

Stella supports her clients through her signature approach, Body Prema: The Psycho-Spiritual Path to Radical Food & Body Freedom; an eclectic synthesis of Jungian & Women’s Eating Psychology, Mind-Body Medicine & Divine Feminine Spirituality. She works privately with clients in London and internationally over the Internet, and offers workshops, trainings and retreats around Europe. 


Website: www.bodyprema.com 


Jennie Harland-Khan

Transformational Coach

Jennie is a transformational coach, working with high performers around the globe who are mission-focused and are non-negotitable with regards to living meaningful and adventurous lives.

She is a Divine Living Certified Coach, an author, and has been personally trained as a Certified Life Success Consultant by Bob Proctor, .

She challenges all her clients to focus on what it takes for them to be happy, healthy, be in meaningful relationships and to grow and develop, whilst being mindful of the legacy they are creating.

She believes in the power of experiences and can often be found taking her clients through the mountains of Chamonix in the French Alps, skiing or hiking, where she lives with her husband and two children, or trotting around the globe on the next adventure.

Find out more: http://www.jenniehk.com/

Lucy Batham-Read

Wellbeing Coach

As the founder of the agency, sometimes people like to work with the 'organ grinder' tho she is brilliant at being the go to person and loves match making clients with the brilliance she has come across in her own travels ... and there are no 'monkeys' in the team... in fact she is usually the warm up act for people like Jennie and Stella..  It is however always good to know that the people behind the scenes walk the walk too.  If you work with Lucy you will spend the day in the Sussex Countryside, you will spend time outside and you will enter a programme that for 3 months will gently begin to re-align your central nervous system. You will also need to be willing to enter into the world of Functional Medicine. Her clients get diet and exercise and have often had trauma in their lives or know they need to change their lives in someway but need to know they are doing it for the benefit of everyone in their lives as well as themselves. Change is constant, growth is optional. 

You can find out more about her at www.loveursoul.com or when you book your appointment with the agency ask for her to do your initial session and you can find out yourself. 

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