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We have a portfolio of coaches we work with and the list grows all the time. Some work with your body and your mind others work with your belief system but most of them combine them all together. The common thread however is they allow you to create lasting change in your life so you can enable a life you never need to escape from again. Our first job however is to learn more about you and what you need or want. Only then can we really match you with the right person. To give you an idea though, here are just two of them:

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Katie Phillips

Transformational Coach & Self-Love Mentor

 If I could show you how to master your thoughts & emotions; feel free & empowered, would you be interested?

* Are you done with being an emotional yo-yo?

* Would you love to know why you think and feel the way you do?

* Do you crave to relate with the people you love most in an approachable, calm, playful and loving way?

* Does feeling in control, balanced and connected sound like a beautiful big exhale to you?

* Are you ready to put the self-help books to one side and do the deeper inner work to achieve lasting change?

* Do you want to know your worth and really feel it so that you can add value to this precious life?

* Are you fed up with ‘keeping up appearances’ – that disconnection between how you feel and what you show?

* Do you desire the freedom to be the woman you know you are meant to be?

* Would you like to shine from the inside out with a glow that radiates joy, pride and self-love?


Find out more:

Katie’s website: www.daringandmighty.com

"Self-Love = Happiness" TED talk by Katie https://youtu.be/kCdMPWQoYpk

A Gift from Katie: two free video training series that will get your journey started:



Jennie Harland-Khan

Transformational Coach

Jennie is a transformational coach, working with high performers around the globe who are mission-focused and are non-negotitable with regards to living meaningful and adventurous lives.

She is a Divine Living Certified Coach, an author, and has been personally trained as a Certified Life Success Consultant by Bob Proctor, .

She challenges all her clients to focus on what it takes for them to be happy, healthy, be in meaningful relationships and to grow and develop, whilst being mindful of the legacy they are creating.

She believes in the power of experiences and can often be found taking her clients through the mountains of Chamonix in the French Alps, skiing or hiking, where she lives with her husband and two children, or trotting around the globe on the next adventure.

Find out more: http://www.jenniehk.com/

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