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Our standards are high when it comes to selecting our coaches and the following are just some of the things we expect from them, as well as some of the areas you will need to be committed to if we are going to match you with the right person for your personal journey.


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Our coaches are committed to understanding you deeply, and sometimes this comes from a place of having been where you are now. And, even if they have not been exactly where you are, they offer you a sense of empathy and compassion. They are able to really listen to you, in a way that has you feel truly heard.

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The ability to be vulnerable, honest and 100% yourself is key. Your coach must offer you a very safe space to be seen and heard. When you are finding your coach it is as much about you interviewing them as it is about them deciding if they can work with you. We don’t want you to even question,  “Can I trust them?

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Respect and Honour

Our coaches will respect and honour your unique take on life, your opinions and your values. You are an individual, and what matters to you matters to us.


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Challenge and Accountability

Our coaches are strong enough to confidently challenge you when appropriate - to stretch you beyond your comfort zone and towards your dreams, goals and desires.  They will encourage you to take responsibility and action on agreed tasks. Lasting change requires accountability and you are the one that is responsible for allowing change into your world

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Your coach will be open-minded and will act as a vehicle to guide you to your own unique truth and a way of living and feeling that is authentic to you. They will respect and honour your personal take on life, your opinions and your values. Are you ready to be open-minded yourself ?Many people operate from a fixed mindset not a growth one. Part of what we will do will make sure you shift this perspective

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Commitment and Passion

All of our coaches value and honour the transformational process. You will need to be truly committed to your own transformation, to evolve and grow. Our coaches will see through it if you are not.

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All our coaches are dedicated to being the best version of themselves and have a high-level of energy to support you from an emotionally clean, clear and balanced place themselves.  They have a great support network behind them too. It is vital for them to stay at the top of their game.

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