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All our body therapists are clear in the need to combine traditional with functional medicine and have a deep desire to teach you how to listen to your body and trust your instinct when reaching out for help and guidance. Some work with Psychology and integrated therapy, others work with the how the body reacts to our life events. All of them connect the mind and the body and all of them know that there is no one size fits all. If you are not ready to work with us you can also find a list of more therapists and coaches on the Loveursoul database which you will find at www.loveursoul.com  

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Mo Froud


I have an absolute passion for supporting people through with their health journeys. Over the years I have helped hundreds of clients get back in balance – and achieve a healthy life.

I previously trained as a nurse and really believe the best approach is an integrated one. Most people come to me quite disconnected from their bodies, and sometimes have handed their health over to others to take care of them.

But all aspects of health need to be viewed and supported to enable the right balance to achieve conception. I therefore guide patients on diet, lifestyle and even through any emotional upheaval they may experience.

I trained at the University of Westminster and graduated after completing a three year BSc(Hons) degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Sal Jeffries

Yoga and integrative coach

Sal helps people overcome challenges in life, find their own inner mental and emotional strength and move towards a future of their choice. This is done using a mix of psychology, NLP, language, neuroscience, behavioural change, self-awareness and how are physiology works in combination with our thoughts and emotions using Yoga as a medium to evoke change

Loretta Heywood

Holistic Therapist and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach


An intuitive healer in every sense, Loretta will help uncover your authentic self through the experience of touch and Ayurvedic therapy, employing an exciting bespoke series of tools suited for the western lifestyle developed for mums, dads, actors, singers, artists, medical professionals, CEOs, lawyers... in fact anyone who wants to keep well inside and out.

Loretta draws on the ancient Indian system of Ayurveda, a system she believes helps her execute programmes with wisdom, kindness, power and joy, and combines this with a western approach that enables her clients to also benefit from advice on how to live in today's fast paced, pressurised life.

Loretta offers urban packages for detox and stress relief in the comfort of your own home and in spas. She will create a bespoke programme for you based on a urban detox for mind, body and soul focusing on dietary advice, detox programmes, stretching, harmonizing, and healing therapies combined with holistic counselling



Our full database of therapists and coaches

The LoveurSoul Agency is closely linked to LoveurSoul, which offers access to a comprehensive list of therapists for freedom of choice and/or if you are not ready to work with us you can see them on our list Please visit the LoveurSoul website



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