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Client testimonial

Client testimonial

As someone who was recently introduced to the coaching industry and looking for a professional to work with, a lot of what I've seen feels like coaching coming across as a bit of a pyramid scheme!

I've been down a rabbit hole starting with one famous coach  - who now coaches others to be coaches - and then some of her contemporaries, yet they all seem to be teaching a watered down version of each other.

I am a writer and journalist and wasn't interested in becoming a coach, but it seemed like this is what they were pushing. ‘You can do this too and live this life of freedom - travelling the world and going to fancy restaurants and it seems so simple!’

Once I had researched the coaches I found that Coach 1 had been doing this for less than a year, coach 2 less than three months.

I also think the "empowered businesswoman" thing is less than authentic - you aren't building a business you are selling your jet-set lifestyle, which is funded by others who want what you have.

As a client I found it hard to decide who is real, who walks their talk and who is authentic in both their sales pitch and their action. When you are spending up to £5,000 a time this matters. 

It matters that you connect with the right coach to make the right changes that are appropriate to your life.

Client Testimonial

Client Testimonial

I found my first coach purely by luck, I was invited to a network meeting by someone and I went along out of curiosity as it was a new group. I have never been back to the network again but I said next to a transformation coach and she invited me to a seminar she was doing, so I went again out of curiosity. As a result of that day I then enrolled on a 3 month programme which was to change my life.

My business is now at 6 figures and I want to move it onto 7 figures and I know need a different coach but I have not got a clue where to start. I find that now I know about one, they all seem the same and they all seem to be superficial and saying the same thing. I also need someone that knows about processes but is willing to think outside the box to suit my business and my dreams and having tried 3 coaches I am reluctant to waste energy again. 

Having someone in the middle that really hears me and wants the best for me not them is really helpful.

Jennie Harland–Khan, Coach

Jennie Harland–Khan, Coach

I have been in the coaching business for a few years now and have witnessed the exponential growth of the industry. Much of the work of a coach has to be focused on increasing visibility and standing out in a crowded market through marketing in order to reach potential clients that match our expertise. I am aware that in any business you are required to master many different roles, yet the feeling in the industry from many of my colleagues is that they are limited by the reach and impact they can have, due to the time and energy required to be consistently learning the latest marketing technique.

When I first heard about Lucy’s business idea I felt myself breathe a sigh of relief. A service whose intention is purely to ensure that the people that need and are ready for coaching are matched with the appropriate, highly recommended coach. I know from a client's perspective it can also be a mind-field trying to establish who is right for them. 

I believe this is an answer to way more growth, expansion and impact for both clients and coaches.

Katie Phillips, Coach

Katie Phillips, Coach

I am a coach and mentor because I deeply desire to help women to live a life they love, with self mastery and a spiritual connection.

My biggest driver is to serve these women. Marketing and sales does not drive me and finding the time and passion for getting my message right sometimes has stopped me like a bunny in headlights. I desire to serve women - Period.

I would love to have help with sharing my message to the right women - to women who need my support and are willing to invest in themselves. I love the idea of an agency hand picking these women for me because they know my idea client check-list and are able to deliver me ladies who are ready to get started. That would be brilliant!

The idea of The Soul Agency matching clients with me is a brilliantly efficient way to get things started!

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