'Yoga & Activating The Law of Attraction Retreat'

Join one of our coaches Brett Moran for 7 unforgettable days of relaxation, yoga, daily meditation, and visualisations so you can create attract and manifest 'miracles' in your life 

Here's what your week away will look like:

* Morning yoga classes to relax your mind body and spirit 
* Afternoon classes to strengthen and stretch your soul 
* Daily workshops to visualize a new future and create dreams 
* Healthy buffet breakfast (vegan gluten free vegetarian)
* Healthy buffet dinner (raw chocolate cake is insane) 
* Transfers and pick-ups to and from Koh Samui airport
* Complimentary massage (I know the most relaxing place) 
* Coconut welcome drinks
* Transformational workshops (activate the law of attraction) 
* Music chanting and nothing but high vibes 
* And so much more.....

You get to attend daily workshops on everything he know's about activating the law of attraction so you can build you dream life, find your soul mate, make extra money, feel peace and love or travel the world and take adventures like him....

Here's what your workshops will cover:

* How to create a BIG vision 
* How to imprint your vision into your subconscious mind
* How to get more focus motivation and direction 
* How to discover your path and flow towards your purpose 
* How to attract your perfect soul mate
* How to drop your past and emotional baggage 
* How to remove your money blocks and make extra cash 
* How to use yoga sequences to raise your vibration
* How to feel healthier and younger then ever before
* How to get out of your way and align with your true calling
* How to set realistic goals and achieve extraordinary results
* How to think more positive and reprogram your negative mind
* How to remove limiting beliefs and remove old stories
* How to reconnect to the Universe deeper then ever before
* How to not give a f#ck and SMASH IT! 
* And so much more.....


Please do get in touch!

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