Why it's important to have a coach

on Wed 9 Dec

Our health is at risk. Not only our physical but our mental and our spiritual too. Our children suffer and our world comes from a place of fear and dis-ease.

Too many people look at their lives from a problem-native perspective which leads to a disconnected, head-centred, self-serving, exploiting view of life.

Instead we need to cultivate a way of being that strives for emotional connection and honours intuitive knowing, a consciousness that helps us to experience ourselves as being part of the whole living community.

We can no longer afford to base our life on a life of fear that demands ‘to conquer markets’, to make ‘war on drugs and terror’, to ‘fight climate change’, to ’struggle for success within hierarchical systems’.

We can no longer afford to turn a blind eye when looking at the mental health statistics, which show that a quarter of the UK population now suffers from depression and/or anxiety.

Our rational, pharmaceutical and profitable approach to this problem is to medicate, but we need the nurturing, caring, sharing, compassionate approach if we are to create a society that does not suffer chronically from mental and physical health problems.

We can also no longer ignore that loneliness and isolation is at an all-time high in our elders, who should be the source of our wisdom teachings, and in our young people, who are our future.

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